Project Partnerships: 

One advantage of getting old is the amount of experience that we can offer, specifically and apart from top level Creative skills, there's the 'CRYSTAL CLEAR' administrative, financial management, recording and evaluation system - and as the name says, it's a completely transparent, easy to understand, and excellent way to manage projects and provide excellence in recording what was sought and what resulted. - so there's Added Value in working with DaisyChain!  Here are just a few examples...

Design, Administration, Production – and we welcome further suggestions, ideas and partnerships. Projects can be about any relevant issue, and can include workshops, debates and a host of other activities – if you would like to explore how Performing Arts related skills can make a real difference and get the message across in a positive way, get in touch for a chat!

unsure if yours is the right approach? Need to focus on getting the right results while making resources really work for you? Talk to us for an even handed review of where you are and where you want to get to. Most workshops last from 40-60 minutes inclusive, and can be used on a stand-alone basis or as part of a fuller and individually designed project.

Capacity Building:

We can help in negotiation of Service Level Agreements and provide advice and assistance in Contracts and best practice too.

Event Organisation and Management - More years of experience in this area that we care to remember - we know what's what in event organisation, and are happy to work at any level from advice to full scale operation.